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    The Rebirth Experience

    Lose weight by FAITH


a commitment to believe the impossible is possible. Faith is hoping for what you don't see. Faith is believing in the face of unbelief. Faith is the missing piece in your endless quest for weight loss.

The Rebirth Experience™ is a more than a weight loss program, it is personal journey of discovery for the busy, worn-out woman tired of diet failure and weary of working so hard to navigate the constant challenges of life. You’ve tried every diet, yet still can’t lose the weight. You are not your own priority and you know it. Your career is stressful to the max and you don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals. You strive to balance the relationships in your life and have difficulty setting boundaries. Your belief in God is strong, yet your faith falters at times as you struggle to be consistent.

This program will teach you how to die to your old way of living and embrace positive change within your spirit, mind and body. You will focus on self-care and truly loving your body through healthy simple meals and mindset exercises. You will learn how to balance your health + family life + career. You will set goals and you will achieve them!

Benefits of the Program

Delicious plant-based recipes

Access multiple plant-based meals and meal ideas on a bi-weekly with full recipes, shopping list and prep instructions.


A faith-focused approach, plant-based recipes, live group coaching, an exclusive online platform with mobile app and periodic challenges to give you a solid foundation for healthy weight loss.

Spiritual affirmation

The foundation of lasting change must be Spiritual by nature. We focus on the development of surrender to our Creator so that He guides our decisions versus our flesh.

Reflection Exercises

Learn the importance of feeding your mind more than you feed your body enabling a permanent shift in your relationship with food and life fulfillment overall.

No-judgment zone

Most people fail on a diet because they fall down - and stay down. The Rebirth Experience community is a loving space where we come to celebrate success, receive encouragement, and build accountability to stick with the plan.

Cooking Instruction

Receive cooking instruction at your own pace. Don’t just learn recipes, learn HOW to cook and make your own delicious creations!


Participate in powerful coaching sessions where prayer is at the forefront providing strength, redirection, knowledge and Holy Ghost power to crush your goals and keep you in check.

Quarterly Detox

A one-time detox solves very little. Cleansing 4 times a year focusing on different systems within the body will lead you to a higher level of wellness along with a better understanding of how your body works.

Meet Coach Khara

If you're anything like me, you LOVE to eat. I mean I love it ALL honey. Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, pound cake, chocolate cake, ice cream, candy bars, potato chips, pasta, Mexican.... Let me stop. Did I say I love it all? I mean ALL of it. But as you can see - my body - did NOT. I was 250 lbs wearing a size 20, bloated and diabetic - well on my way to major health issues. I know what it’s like to be broken, depressed and discouraged. Inside and out. I know how it feels to stay in the house because you have nothing to wear that fits and looks good on you. I know how much it sucks to go shopping once you're busting out of a size 14!

It took me 20 years to get the weight off. But you can do it in 2017. You CAN. I finally gave it all up. I gave my battle to God and He showed me how to prepare plant-based foods designed to love my body and help my body love me back. I learned how to manage my emotions and stop killing myself with food because of what others were doing in and around my life.

If you're ready for lasting change - not just in your body, but MIND & SPIRIT...join The Rebirth Experience. We are a tribe of Godly & compassionate women that I have the honor of leading to victory in Jesus name! It is my passion and ministry to help women free themselves from the bondage of weight and food addiction tied to negative thinking, toxic people, low willpower, and poor choices. YES. We eat. And let me tell you, we eat GOOD. Food that tastes good and FEELS good. No calorie counting, no portion control, no heavy exercising. This mind, body, and spirit program will give you the tools you need to get your life back and WIN honey!! You owe it to yourself. You deserve it. As long as there is breath in your body, you have a chance to begin again. I pray you'll join us. You will lose weight, and gain SO much much.

With love, Khara

Meet Dinah

A single mom

Dinah made tremendous progress in just ONE month! Though pressed on every side, she persevered and released over 20 lbs in just 30 days. Six months later, she's down 42 pounds! When I asked her how she felt she said, "CHAINS have been broken!!" Amen Dinah. AMEN.

This is Wanda

A married mom of 2

After losing 39 lbs in 6 months, Wanda is feeling phenomenal. She says, "This has been more than just eating different foods. I didn't realize how bad I felt until I started feeling so good. My digestion issues and left knee pain are gone. I just went for my yearly physical and everything was within normal range. I still have a lot of weight to lose but I'm happy with my progress so far. Also, I’ve noticed my energy levels are through the roof. I am so glad I became a part of the Rebirth family."

Hey Heidi

A busy entrepreneurStruggling with chronic blood pressure issues

I'm so excited! my knees don't hurt, I don't trip/fall anymore, I don't have sleep apnea, more energy, sleeping better, etc.... I was 'bout to die Khara.... I know it in my heart of hearts. I had accepted my fate and was deeply depressed, yet comfortable there....... I was too ashamed and full of self loathing to come to you with questions, plus I wasn't confident I would stick with it. So 1 week later I signed up for the challenge.... your understanding and support and encouragement and recipes and the heads up about a little tiredness / headaches, etc. provided me tools and helped me feel confident. Within 24 hrs i literally felt my organs waking up and start working - i got motivated and excited! Since August 7th - I've not had ANY cravings or desire for poisonous food. I’ve lost 27 lbs in less than a month!

What all is included with this program?

ALL members receive the following: Access to multiple meal plans and cleanse programs allowing you to choose your own path Bi-weekly recipe guides containing ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner including shopping list A live monthly (online) coaching session Live cooking & meal prep class per month Access to a private online tracking tool and app to record your goals and daily healthy habits - this tool is reviewed constantly by staff and feedback is provided Live quarterly cleanse with all materials provided and guidance with herbs available for an additional fee Membership in the private Rebirth Facebook community for additional "SiStar" support and encouragement (YES...all of that is included.. girl what are you waiting for?? Sign up now!)

What kind of recipes do you provide?

All recipes provided are 100% plant-based. We also focus on foods that are high in alkalinity which works naturally with the body since most of our organs are naturally alkaline. Acid causes inflammation and disease and the standard diet is highly acidic with foods like animal protein, dairy, sugar, conventional wheat and processed foods. Alkaline foods are natural foods that rank high on the ph scale. Eating these foods reduces the inflammation in the body and the amount of ash left in the system by highly acidic foods. Consuming a diet that is low acid and high alkaline promotes better health, more energy, and effortless weight loss. Research reveals that high alkaline foods - fresh fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds - provide a more alkaline pH level which help protect the healthy cells in your body and balance minerals. High alkaline foods also stop calcium from accumulating in the urine, prevent kidney stones, build stronger bones, reduce body odor, shorten menstrual cycles, build the immune system, improve mood and overall well-being and much more.

How long is this program?

The Community option is month-to-month. Stay as long as you want! The Breakthrough package is a 12 week commitment as the program is tailored and in-depth.

What if I don't want to be a vegan?

Listen. Choosing a plant-based lifestyle is a conviction. It’s almost like it chooses you. I encourage all clients to be open to the Spirit and commit to plant-based foods solely for 30 days. See how your BODY feels. Then decide. This is a no pressure environment. This program isn't just about what we eat, it’s about learning to eat with gratitude and treating our bodies like the temple they are!

What kind of results can I expect from this program?

Results vary from person to person and depend on how closely you stick to plan. On average those coming from a typical standard diet tend to release weight the fastest - as do those who exercise regularly. Our quarterly detoxes can also help you push past a stubborn plateau. Consistency is key!

Isn't it more expensive to eat healthy?

As long as you're eating whole unprocessed foods, your grocery bill should remain the same or may even be lower. The more expensive plant based foods are processed or specialty items. It is entirely possible to eat on the cheap!

Do the recipes contain a lot of strange foods?

Yes and no. Some of the ingredients may be new, yet others should be familiar. One goal of The Rebirth Experience is to stretch your thinking and broaden your exposure to new foods. While many of these foods may sound new to you, they are actually indigenous foods that have been around for thousands of years but replaced in modern times with convenience foods that aren’t all that healthy and wreaking havoc on your gut. The guide is based on high alkaline foods that are typically lower in starch and not necessarily conventional. However, you will receive information on where to procure uncommon items, and the majority of the recipes in the guide contain ingredients you can easily find at your local grocer. View this as a great adventure and an opportunity to explore new things! One thing I can promise - you won't be bored!

What if I don't like the program after I join?

Well we would be very sad about that as we do strive to ensure 100% satisfaction. If you are a Community member you can cancel at any time by sending an email to coachk@kharaashburne.com. If you are a Breakthrough member you may cancel and are only held responsible for payments on sessions already held.

  • Community

  • $37

    / Month

    The community option is ideal for the self-starter who needs tools, accountability and group support . This package includes:

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  • Breakthrough

  • $297

    / Month

    The Breakthrough program provides 1-on-1 coaching and guidance for the highest level of accountability . This program is a highly tailored approach to YOUR specific health & lifestyle goals providing concierge level service. Committing at this level will push you to REAL and LASTING transformation in multiple areas of your life. Includes all Community program features plus the following:

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Get Rebirthed!

The Rebirth Experience™ is an intense faith-based program for the worn-out woman, ready to die to her old way of living and be renewed —spirit, mind and body.

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